Quality Begins Here

Quality Begins Here

Ultra-Mek mechanisms go through several quality checks before being put on the sales floor. Our process begins with Engineering: ideas are drawn and prototypes are made. The prototypes we make are thought well-over, tested, and remade until it stands up to the quality we want to prove. Our mechanisms are made on punch presses with dies designed and made by Ultra-Mek, Inc.  


Wear Tested

Ultra-Mek mechanisms are weat-tested under human occupancy

Our mechanisms are wear-tested under human occupancy a minimum of 25,000 cycles.

Extra Support

Extra Support Ottoman

Ultra-Mek has taken into account that the whole body should be supported, including the feet. We've added a 3" extension to the ottoman to make that possible.

Easy Open


Ultra-Mek mechanisms are ultra engineered for an easy-operating experience of the highest quality.


Safety Lock, Patented

Ultra-Mek's patented locks have been engineered for inclusion in our healthcare glider and reclining mechanisms..

Superior Frame Strength

Superior Strength Mechanisms

We house our mechanisms in frames of superior strength to ensure the durability and long life of your motion furniture hardware.

Zero-Wall/Wall Proximity


Even if your furniture is against the wall, it will not effect how far you can recline.


Push-Arm or Motor

Push-Arm or Motorized mechanism options available

Manual push-arm mechanism or motorized mechanism options are available.

Metal Seat Frames

Metal Seat Frames

Choose between a variety of metal seat frames.


Headrest Mechanisms

Whether you like your headrest to remain in place or adjust according to your liking, we have an option for that.



A more mobile option, the battery attachment is a convenient way to display your motion furniture with no cords in sight.


Base Options Available  Swivels and Prongs

We have many base options 


Switch Options  Actuator Options

We have several different switch options to choose from.