You guys were amazing. Honestly, it means a great deal to me as a professional to cross paths with a supplier who stands behind their product AND offered help. Made in America means something still.


You took time out of your busy days to address my request and find a solution to my issue.


You're the BEST!!


The quick turnaround was a very unexpected event that I am grateful for.


I’m truly amazed by the service and speed of repair on my recliner parts.  This company blew me away!!!


 I wanted to say a heart-felt thank you to you and your company for helping me get my favorite chair fixed.  I sincerely appreciate your help. 

Why do we care?

Ultra-Mek, Inc. is founded on top-notch engineering and outstanding customer service. This  drives us each day to create the best experience in the furniture component industry. 

We are Dedicated to Your Comfort

We strive to create each customer's personalized mechanism according to their reclining comfort need. We provide solutions for any furniture component request and make detailed customizations to each mechanism.
Contact us to start your customized mechanism.

We want you to come back

We are committed to creating long-lasting relationships with our customers.  We'd love for you to not just be a visitor but to come back and see us often!

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